How Fighting Shadow IT can Adversely Impact the Performance of an Organisation

18 September 2018

Shadow IT has been ever present in most enterprises, but its presence has grown alongside the ‘Consumerisation of IT’ and ‘Cloud Adoption’.  Business sponsors are used to consuming the services they require when they require them. Rather than requiring significant physical IT assets to spin-up a ‘Shadow’ IT project or service users can do so using their standard corporate IT assets and Cloud Services, be they IaaS, PaaS or SaaS. This can be as straightforward as non-approved file-sharing services or as complex as data and applications hosted in the cloud. Shadow IT systems become mission critical despite being run on non-strategic hardware or software and only ‘understood’ and managed by one or two people. This dramatically increases business risk and can negate any benefit derived from speed, agility or innovation.

Shadow IT is not just a technical or security issue, but also presents a cultural challenge that can erode the trust and cooperation between IT and the broader business. This is a much more significant problem to fix as this type of cultural impact can take significant time, effort and investment to fix. What role can the IT directorate, Procurement or Finance undertake in preventing or limiting Shadow IT?

Do they act as security and look to lock down network or data access? Do they attempt to police activity chasing down culprits, or do they look to work in partnership with their colleagues to embrace the speed and innovation offered by cloud services but in a governed manner?

The latter for most enterprises is the most optimal and indeed pragmatic solution and this is where Cloud Gateway can support.

Cloud Gateway is a Hybrid Cloud Connectivity Platform (PaaS), delivering secure connectivity between an existing enterprise to any, and multiple, Cloud Service Providers and the Internet. It provides secure connectivity and policy enforcement between everything on your estate.

  • It enables organisations to rapidly add, change and remove Cloud Service Providers, connectivity providers or methods, sites or users.
  • It enhances an organisations visibility protecting them from cyber threats and compliance failings and giving them or their service partners the power to act where necessary.
  • It reduces cost immediately by consolidating control and security and preventing unnecessary spend by expediting the provision of what an organisation actually needs to consume.

Change is constant. Cloud Gateway sits in the middle of an evolving organisation giving control and enabling pace and flexibility of change.

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