Meet the Team: Justin Day

19 November 2019

Hi, I’m Justin, CEO and co-founder of Cloud Gateway.

I always refer to myself as a telco baby, having forged my early career in networking and security under the wing of Cable & Wireless. Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked for a number of public and private sector organisations, in industries ranging from telecoms and technology, to finance and insurance. I’ve seen IT evolve dramatically during this time – from the significant advent of home computing with the Commodore 64 to the constantly evolving technical innovation of today – and in some way or another, I have dedicated my career to helping businesses keep up with this change.

Ten years ago, everything in an IT network was appliance and hardware based. Everything you owned was tangible, from the network and security equipment to the data centre itself. For the average business, IT was all kept under one roof, and the security perimeter matched the four walls around us. Then the cloud came along and changed everything.

Today, IT architectures are completely different. Our business functions are bought, not built, with ‘as-a-service’ products prevalent in the market. From a networking perspective – there’s no one-size fits all approach when it comes to cloud. But why should there be?

I have always defined ‘cloud’ as two things, choice and pace of change. The beauty of cloud is the wealth of different tools in the market, offered by a variety of vendors near instantly. If we all flocked to a single provider to consume their cloud services, we’d certainly have a simpler job connecting everything together! But, we would inevitably find ourselves locked-in once more. An inflexible, expensive incumbent is exactly what many of us are trying to escape when migrating to cloud. With this in mind, a cloud network provision that doesn’t support free choice is, in my opinion, doomed to fail.

This is why we built Cloud Gateway.

It started as a scrawl on a table, drawn by myself and co-founder Neil Briscoe. We were frustrated by the time it took these monolithic suppliers to implement change, having worked with them for decades and experienced the pain points first hand. With our knowledge of the industry, we knew we could design a better way, facilitating choice and pace of change to people who felt the same frustrations that we did.

Since the company incorporated in early 2017, we’ve built a team around Cloud Gateway to enhance our offering and drive forward our vision for what a true Agile Network should look like. Beyond the innovation of our platform, I am most proud of the group of people we’ve assembled, who are not only experts in cloud networking, but are fully invested in our business values.

I’m unashamed to share that I have no university degree, and as an employer, I advocate that talent isn’t always found attached to a seal of approval from an institution. This is reflected in our team, who come from an eclectic mixture of backgrounds with a range of qualifications, from the sciences, finance, publishing, and the armed forces.

I’m proud of my Norfolk roots, and have the privilege of dividing my time between the countryside and central London. There are 3 apps which I can’t live without; WhatsApp to communicate, Twitter to join the discussion, and Uber to get me from A to B. As anyone I know will tell you, I’m a huge NFL fan, specifically the New Orleans Saints, for whom I am a season ticket holder. I try to catch a handful of games per year. I’m also an avid video gamer, with a fully fledged arcade in my back garden!

Justin Day