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Securely and rapidly connecting everything on your estate

What is Cloud Gateway?

Cloud Gateway is a hybrid cloud connectivity platform (PaaS) which securely and rapidly connects anything on your estate with multiple cloud service providers, the PSN and the internet.
It allows organisations to harness the power and flexibility of hybrid cloud but with greater control, pace and visibility. Cloud Gateway secures all your internet and network traffic. By centralising your connectivity, organisations have a single, timely and accurate source of truth with all data logged and available.
The Cloud Gateway Ecosystem
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Cloud computing is now firmly established and the growth in its adoption shows no sign of slowing


All companies will consume some form of cloud service from one of the many cloud service providers available. The first steps of the cloud journey have been taken, but how do you improve upon this foundation? Companies now want to optimise and improve their use of cloud, by taking more services from more providers. They require an agility and flexibility to be able to adopt an effective multicloud strategy to drive their business to the next level.

Join us and hear from Aviva, Equinix and our very own Justin Day, CEO and Co-Founder of Cloud Gateway as we discuss how to adopt a multicloud strategy.

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Insights from our experts

Cloud Gateway

March 19, 2019

Mobilisation, Globalisation and the impact on Network Borders

The enterprise or organisation of today is not contained in bricks, mortar or glass. We live in an age that is truly global, effortlessly mobile and not afraid to harness innovation and entrepreneurship. For all organisations, from the global powerhouses like Amazon, Microsoft or Google, through to disruptors like Uber or Monzo to lone entrepreneurs just starting their businesses, Cloud is key.

Chris Burden

March 8, 2019

Lock the doors and close the windows!

The world of Cyber Security is full of very sophisticated systems all playing their part in keeping us safe as we increasingly go online in business and our everyday lives. The level to which these are deployed depends on your cyber security strategy, budget and risk. Thousands of these systems are available with more and more on the market every day.

Stewart Yapp

February 14, 2019

From Deployed Ops to DevOps

Eighteen months ago, in the halcyon days of Summer 2017, I made the difficult decision after 13 years to leave my career in the British Army and move onto pastures new in the long-forgotten sunny uplands of Civvie Street.  The subsequent year and a half saw me somehow transition successfully into civilian life, with blind faith, dogged determination and good luck miraculously negating a smattering of mistakes and shear panic as I faced the daunting prospect of re-entering the job market.


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Cloud Gateway is proud to be an official partner of Microsoft. The Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute is an important component of the Cloud Gateway ecosystem. To discuss how we can leverage the benefits of the Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute in the deployment of Cloud Gateway, please contact our Sales team at the following email address: sales@cloudgateway.co.uk. View our other partners below.

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