About us

Cloud Gateway is an award-winning tech start-up helping businesses to keep up with the pace of change in technology and to achieve their digital aspirations by reducing cloud networking complexity and offering networking expertise to address skills gaps.

The Future of Networking is Now

Cloud Gateway was founded in 2017 by Justin Day and Neil Briscoe with the aim to remove the networking bottleneck in digital transformation projects and eliminate unnecessarily long SLAs, expensive lock-in contracts and the increasing skills gap holding back innovation.
It used to take companies longer than necessary to implement the right solution for their requirements – but not any more. Cloud Gateway’s underpinning ethos is to be truly agnostic, helping organisations to deploy the right tool for the right job faster, with the flexibility of hybrid cloud and multicloud environments for best of breed solutions.

Cloud Gateway reduces networking complexity and brings agile network capabilities to address challenges faced today, whilst also preparing customers for future innovations.

The Cloud Gateway Team


The team at Cloud Gateway are known for their big personalities (not least from our two founders) and expertise in traditional and cloud networking. It’s what drives the team, underlying ethos and strong company culture.

Customers rely on the exceptional support they receive, fast response times to any enquiry and can-do attitude from the service management team and wider business.

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Hear from Cloud Gateway CEO Justin Day and CTO Neil Briscoe

The cloud has brought a lot of new opportunities, but it's also added a lot of complexity. Our mission is to remove this burden and enable our clients to harness the power and flexibility of hybrid cloud but with greater control, pace and visibility. Whatever your next challenge is, you can achieve it at a pace of change that suits you and your business.

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