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Cloud Gateway is an award-winning hybrid cloud connectivity platform (PaaS) solution that provides businesses with both the mechanism and resource support to adopt, develop and operate cloud, hybrid cloud and multicloud environments

Cloud Gateway was founded in 2017 by Justin Day and Neil Briscoe. The founding directors have worked within the IT industry, specifically in the field of networking, throughout their careers with much of this work within secure environments delivering critical infrastructure services to central government departments.

The platform was designed to address the ever increasing gaps forming between an organisation and the industry trend towards ‘everything cloud’ and on-demand service consumption. In simple terms it provides a platform between traditional networking infrastructure and cloud services. It facilitates secure connectivity in a centralised fashion, enabling the production of reports which help ensure regulation and legislation compliance, specific to your business.

All organisations whether in the public or private sector need to be more agile, competitive, cost conscious yet relevant, they need to be able to flex as the globalisation of services continues at pace.

This utilitarian approach to enterprise service consumption, long established in the consumer market, is driving and changing the competitive landscape.

The Platform encrypts network traffic, manages its movement through a central enforcement point, from the business to any or many cloud service provider, including the PSN, seamlessly and without disruption or impact to users.

This aligns with the stated government objective of ‘cloud first’ and provides UK Government agencies and partners with an accredited transition platform without compromising on security, flexibility and without introducing unnecessary cost. The challenge of transitioning services from the PSN to cloud provision requires flexibility, control, security and visibility and this is only possible with a service that can connect with the PSN and multiple cloud providers.

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The cloud has brought a lot of new opportunities, but it's also added a lot of complexity. Our mission is to remove this burden and enable our clients to harness the power and flexibility of hybrid cloud but with greater control, pace and visibility. Whatever your next challenge is, you can achieve it at a pace of change that suits you and your business.

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