BAPCO Annual Conference 2021

4 October 2021

BAPCO Annual Conference, 12 – 13 October 2021, Coventry Building Society Arena

The countdown to BAPCO 2021 is almost over with the two-day conference kicking off at Coventry Building Society Arena on Tuesday 12 October. We’re excited for the return of live events and the opportunity to connect and collaborate with public safety technology users, experts and suppliers from across the UK and Europe. BAPCO attracts a distinguished list of speakers, exhibitors and sector specialists from within the community, which is why we’re particularly proud to announce that Cloud Gateway CEO and co-founder, Justin Day, will be part of a panel sharing their views on the future of control rooms and cloud based working at midday on Tuesday. Join Justin and the other panelists as they discuss the solutions and processes needed to turn cloud-based call services into reality. Sector specialists JJ and Moira will also be in attendance for anyone keen to continue the discussion further outside of the panel session.

The BAPCO conference provides attendees with the opportunity to discover, compare and source the latest technological innovations, and to benefit from expert insight, real-world case studies and best practice advice from IT and technology leaders working in the sector. Stay at the forefront of public safety technology with a series of engaging and interactive sessions across both days, including popular subjects like ESN, AI and UAVs, amongst others. It is a really great forum for sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences with a community of professionals who face similar challenges in their respective fields and organisations. 

The pace at which advancements in technology are taking place continues to increase at an unprecedented rate. This ever evolving digital landscape places even greater demands on public safety organisations to continually adapt and innovate the tools, methods and processes they rely upon to protect the general public and deliver better citizen outcomes. The emergence of new technologies, particularly cloud, provides an opportunity to transform legacy infrastructure, processes and services in a way that supports the public sector in meeting existing and future challenges.

The advent and proliferation of cloud is the single biggest enabler of digital transformation on the scale with which we’ve witnessed in recent years. The Government’s Cloud First initiative was introduced as a means of addressing the relatively slow uptake across some areas of the public sector. The BAPCO community is a strong advocate of utilising digital and data to accelerate innovation and provide emergency services organisations with the tools they need to serve the general public effectively. The agenda is packed with interesting presentations and panels tackling some of the biggest issues facing the sector currently, including the adoption of cloud technology as an enabler for digital transformation and to support collaboration and interoperability. If you haven’t reserved your place yet then it is not too late to register. Follow the link to secure a ticket to attend in person or virtually using the online platform.

In the meantime, why not check out our recent ebook, Police Force of the Future, in which we explore some of the key challenges and opportunities created by the emergence of new technologies. It provides guidance and support to forces embarking upon digital transformation and cloud adoption strategies, paying particular attention to the priorities and recommendations set out in the National Policing Digital Strategy (NPDS).

The ebook discusses the concept of a Police Force of the Future, along with a roadmap for getting there, the obstacles we are likely to encounter along the way, the solutions to overcome them, and the benefits that will be realised once we get there. Technology and data are critical to this vision. It is about arming our police services, and other public safety organisations, with the tools and information they need to effectively respond to criminal activity now and in the future. This sentiment is shared across the BAPCO community and will be a recurring theme throughout many of the presentations and panels.

We look forward to seeing you next week for what should be a fantastic few days. Don’t forget to join Justin in Conference Room B at midday on day one for The future of control rooms and cloud based working panel, or alternatively get in touch here to book a meeting with one of our sector specialists who will be more than happy to connect over a coffee.

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