‘Multicloud and the Agile Network’ Meetup Recap

26 June 2019

Cloud Gateway’s inaugural ‘Meetup’ event, ‘Multicloud and the Agile Network’ took place on 18th June at Equinix’s London office in Devonshire Square. In the first of a series of regular meetups, the community heard three lightning talks from industry professionals, who shared their views on recent developments in the hybrid and multicloud world. For those unable to join us this time, here’s a recap of what you missed.

After a period of networking, drinks and introductions. The evening was kicked-off by Cloud Gateway’s Product Marketing Manager, Myles Clarke. As the event organiser, Myles welcomed the attendees and shared his vision for the group. The meetup is intended to create a relaxed forum for like-minded individuals to meet and discuss the industry, over a slice of pizza and a couple of drinks. Before handing over to the evening’s speakers, Myles invited guests to share any feedback they may have via the Meetup website. Hearing from attendees will help Myles and his team shape the format and content for future events.

Marcus Hake – Project Manager at Aviva

“The more things change, the more things stay the same”

As the first speaker, Marcus challenged a commonly-held view. In his opinion, we are not in an age of unprecedented technological change. By comparing today’s industry to his early career in 1987, Hake suggested that recent advancements are merely staging posts on a greater road, one that we have been mapping for decades. Of course, these offshoots of progress are exciting, but in Hake’s view, they are no more groundbreaking than developments achieved 30 years ago.

In fact, Marcus argued, if we judge our progress by works of fiction that predicted such things, it could be claimed that we consistently lag behind our ambitions. Do we overstate our technological prowess through new vernacular, or reinterpret on-vogue technologies like AI to mask a lack of tangible change? And as humans, do our personalities act as a barrier to progress? Marcus posed some compelling questions about how we define change, progress, and ourselves.

Patrick Yates – Equinix

“How Interconnection Supports Digital Transformation”

Patrick focused the discussion to the subject of interconnectivity. Over the past two decades, Equinix have both witnessed and facilitated an evolution in digital ecosystems. After explaining the origins of Equinix as a company, Patrick then shed light on their investment into global interconnectivity, intended to support a growing need for businesses to share data through private connections.

Yates believes that business infrastructures are changing significantly. The traditional role of a centralised data centre is shrinking in favour of hybrid environments that combine cloud and edge technologies. Increasingly, the power of a data centre today is the ability to act as an on-ramp for on-net connectivity. By facilitating private connectivity to cloud services, companies like Equinix can give businesses a LAN experience, reduced latency, and better reliability than a traditional internet connection. Are we starting to shift away from the internet as a go-to connectivity method? At the very least, businesses are starting to take pause to consider.

Justin Day – CEO – Cloud Gateway

“It is always the network”

As our ‘compere’ for the event, Justin introduced us to each speaker and ensured the smooth-running of Marcus and Patrick’s talks. To close, it was now his opportunity to reflect on some of the points raised, and to share his thoughts on what it all means for our industry.

Marcus and Patrick had given us very different industry perspectives, but Justin recognised truth in both speeches. When discussing broad industry topics such as cloud, we all have our own ‘truth’, dependant on how we define it, and how we envisage different cloud solutions working for us.

Justin’s view of cloud carried an overriding theme. Choice, and pace of change. He focussed on multicloud and hybrid cloud environments, and discussed the approaches businesses are taking, some of which could be for the wrong reasons if we are not careful. Day touched on important considerations that often lead to those decisions, including security, governance, and cost.

The second Cloud Gateway meetup will be held on 17th September 2019, hosted by Verizon. The event is free of charge and signing up via our Meetup group is quick and easy. We hope to see you there!

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