Partner Spotlight: ANS

30 October 2020

The second in our Partner Spotlight series focuses on the UK’s leading digital and cloud experts, ANS. ANS are dedicated to helping organisations achieve their digital ambitions in the cloud and beyond, specialising in cloud, connectivity, apps and data. ANS works with public and commercial sector organisations to provide the intelligence and insights to enhance services, empower end-users and improve business outcomes.

At Cloud Gateway, we firmly believe in the power and potential of partnerships with organisations who, like us, recognise the value of collaboration for the benefit of their customers. ANS certainly fall into this category. They are an innovative and forward thinking organisation who share many of the same core values that our business is built upon.

Similar to Cloud Gateway, ANS identified the widening skills gap in the connectivity and networking space much sooner than the majority of the industry. Cloud Gateway’s expertise in these areas, combined with our agile and agnostic ethos, was therefore a perfect fit for a stress-free, future ready network that ANS can deliver for its customers. 

ANS and Cloud Gateway recognise that the biggest enabler to consuming cloud and digital services is an agile connectivity and infrastructure foundation built upon cloud and digital practices. Being able to provide customers with a full end-to-end ecosystem, from the endpoint to the application, to enable and accelerate cloud adoption, is the primary reason our partnership works so effectively.

Connectivity should no longer be the bottleneck that hampers digital innovation and transformation. ANS and Cloud Gateway have the ethos and expertise to ensure that security, connectivity and infrastructure don’t slow down cloud and digital initiatives or the transformation journey for our customers.

Together, we want to enable customers to unlock the power and value of digital:

Accelerate and optimise your journey to cloud:

  • Harness the power and flexibility of hybrid and multicloud but with greater control, pace and visibility
  • Reduce the cost of cloud connectivity, multicloud security and all other associated overheads
  • Unique cloud-native technologies that modernise legacy systems and infrastructure for improved responsiveness to evolving business needs
  • Management and financial insights that will ensure your cloud services are optimised for maximum efficiency once deployed, meaning you can keep tight control of security, resources and cost

Choose the right provider for you:

  • Reach everywhere, interconnect everyone and integrate everything with our technology and vendor agnostic platform, giving you complete freedom to select the providers best equipped to power your digital transformation.
  • Avoids vendor lock-in, long lead times and expensive contracts with connectivity and technology providers.
  • Revolutionise the way you do business by integrating world-leading technologies such as artificial intelligence and IoT.

Reduce your time to market:

  • Fast and secure connectivity to thousands of network, cloud and IT services, including the PSN and HSCN
  • No hardware required and deployed within minutes with no disruption to your systems or its users
  • Accelerate development and innovation with improved agility and reduced lead times, creating and consolidating a competitive advantage for your organisation

Justin Day, CEO and Co-founder of Cloud Gateway, said of the partnership: “ANS recognise that there’s a huge networking skills gap in the market around secure connectivity and don’t accept that long lead times are the only path for customers to leverage cloud services. An opinion wholeheartedly shared by Cloud Gateway and the foundation from which the company and platform have been built.”

Andy Barrow, CTO at ANS, added: “Cloud Gateway’s agile and agnostic ethos, and networking expertise, supports our own services so customers can achieve a stress-free, future-ready network, delivering connectivity at pace. Cloud Gateway have built their connectivity platform on government-grade security levels, providing customers with a fully secure and agile network. This level of security matches the requirements being driven by our customers perfectly.” Read the full press release.

Want to learn more?

Watch this video to hear from Head of Digital Connectivity at ANS, Mark Johnson, and Neil Briscoe, CTO at Cloud Gateway, as we explore how the ANS & Cloud Gateway partnership will enable you to build and maintain a network capable of delivering your future digital ambitions.

Alternatively, for more information on how you can get your organisation ready to respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us directly. 

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