Pre-Covid: 53% of Public Sector organisations estimated cloud transformation was 24+ months away

5 November 2020

For the second in a series of blog posts, we’re looking back at results from a survey of public sector organisations. The survey was conducted in conjunction with Vysiion back at the start of 2020. The survey gathered responses and opinions from IT leaders within the public sector, around the Government’s Cloud First programme, cloud strategy and their cloud adoption status. 

A key result which the survey uncovered was that a surprising 53% of public sector organisations estimated that their cloud strategy would take 24+ months to execute. In fact, 77% of respondents in total stated that cloud transformation in their public sector organisation was more than a year away. 

When breaking down these survey results, we were able to uncover some differences in the responses given around cloud transformation challenges faced across the public sector:

  • Security and migration of legacy applications and technology were the key obstacles which central government organisations felt impacted their ability to implement cloud strategies and transform within the organisation as a whole
  • Responses from local government organisations stated that key challenges which were blocking cloud transformation were firmly around lack of budget and cost concerns
  • Across the board, capacity and speed of migration were stated as being one of the top challenges which public sector organisations are facing when it comes to implementing cloud strategies and transformation programmes 

However, as we discussed in the first of the blog series, the beginning of 2020 was a very different time. With pivotal changes made as the UK was gripped by the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen an acceleration in cloud adoption in both the private and public sectors like never before. 

In the face of overnight changes to operations, IT leaders in the public sector had to make tactical changes to their infrastructure in order to be able to send workforces home in line with government guidelines. The most important tactical changes being made in order to continue to provide essential public services. 

Now, with the benefit of experience at how obstacles can be overcome, IT leaders within public sector organisations have the chance to take a step back and make strategic decisions on cloud strategy and transformation programmes. Cloud Gateway and Vysiion want to help IT leaders to understand what it takes to implement these changes and become a true Digital Pioneer in the public sector. 

Take the survey to share where you are in your journey and receive results to discover what steps you should take to become a Digital Pioneer – or whether you’re already paving the way for others.

Results will be shared with all survey participants. 

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