Simplifying your journey to multicloud with interconnection

12 March 2020

The move to the cloud has been a key focal point for businesses. According to a survey from IDC this year, 93.2% of respondents reported that their organisation is currently using more than one cloud infrastructure – made up of a mix of public and private cloud environments. These organisations stated that operating across multiple clouds was essential to; keeping their business competitive, optimising and reducing costs, maintaining their performance, ensuring regulation and legislation compliance, and ensuring interoperability to protect from cyber threats. 

The digital economy is one of the key drivers in the move to multicloud and these results show that multicloud is becoming the new enterprise normal. 

Are you recognising the need to be more responsive, flexible and cost conscious within your organisation? Are you looking for ways to harness the power and flexibility of hybrid cloud and multicloud? Maybe you already have a hybrid or multicloud strategy in place and are ready to start your journey

Organisations who have started to make this transition have found that the move to multicloud can bring specific challenges of its own. So, before you begin have a look at the challenges you might face and prepare your business for a smooth transition. 

There are a number of factors which are driving the move to multicloud: 

  • Businesses need to connect to diverse ecosystems of suppliers and partners
  • Innovative new technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being integrated to automate supply chains and processes
  • The need for omni-channel interactions with customers in any location
  • Regulation around data hosting and management
  • Speed, agility and efficiency to support real-time interactions at scale
  • Locating services closer to the users and utilising public cloud

In a survey of networking professionals, undertaken in partnership with Equinix, an impressive 60% of global business leaders anticipate increased revenue growth from participation in connected ecosystems. Stemming from this, 84% of the leaders surveyed said that they now have a multicloud strategy in place. However as mentioned, there are transition challenges to face, including:

  • Inhibited performance of public internet
  • Purely private networks preventing flexible scaling
  • WAN architectures becoming overloaded and cause latency issues
  • Security and compliance changes
  • Preventing data loss
  • Additional management and complexity with a lack of skills in-house

And here’s a big one: You must be sure to protect your organisation from hugely expensive vendor lock-in contracts which tie you to one supplier for around 3-5 years. With the pace of change in technology, it’s vital that you remain flexible to accommodate future business and technology developments. 

There are measures you can take to ensure that your business is protected and be prepared by simplifying the journey to multicloud. 

  • Deploy a centralised connection hub to provide secure and fast connections to multiple cloud suppliers
  • Eliminate your reliance on the public internet 
  • Create secure connectivity between private and public infrastructure for workload migration
  • Define a Zero Trust model to control all business communication and traffic while managing change

Ultimately, cloud technologies can and will bring serious advantages to companies – but only if you choose a cloud solution that fits your business requirements. Don’t get distracted by the latest tech fad or shiny tech solution. In addition to flexibility, hybrid cloud and multicloud can help companies save costs and increase efficiency, with the correct steps in place you can help to provide a smoother transition as your company deploys this and any new technology into your businesses.

To help businesses prepare for their move to multicloud, in partnership with Equinix, Cloud Gateway have written a whitepaper titled ‘Simplifying the Journey to Multicloud’ which dives deeper into the challenges you will face as you migrate your strategy and infrastructure to multicloud environments and guides you to understand how to both avoid these challenges and take measures to ensure a successful deployment and migration. 

Get further insight in to: 

  • The forces driving the move to multicloud
  • The problems you’re likely to face as you make the journey to multicloud
  • How to simplify your multicloud journey and increase your success

Download the Simplifying the Journey to Multicloud whitepaper and start your journey today! 


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