Meet the Team: Joseph

17 September 2019

Hello all, my name’s Joseph and I work in Sales at Cloud Gateway.

A recent graduate, I completed my masters in computational chemistry at the University of Bath. During this time, I tackled four key challenges, namely: increasing intelligence with nootropics; developing cobalt-free batteries; beating antibiotic resistance; and designing intelligent drugs.

Throughout my research I had the opportunity to interact with a variety of technologies. Some, such as the Cambridge Structural Database, were downright awe-inspiring. Others (I’m looking at you, 90’s FORTRAN routines), less so. In any case, I found a real appreciation for the power of technology to drive innovation in the sciences.

Crystallography, my own area of interest, has been at the forefront of this innovation. With past achievements including the discovery of the structure of DNA, the material for LED’s, and the invention of knowledge mining, this now 100 year-old technology has transformed our world.

In crystallography, high energy particles accelerate toward a substance close to the speed of light, in turn giving us an intimate view of its structure. Out of necessity, these particle accelerators, known as synchrotrons, have been at the forefront of technological change, driving advances in HPC, storage, and transmission. 

To illustrate this, consider: a typical, single beam, X-ray camera (CCD) at a synchrotron produces data at a rate of 4 MB * 100 MHz. At this rate, a single experiment routinely produces >500 GB data in <2 ms. 

Historically, at this scale, transfer was difficult.

CERN, perhaps the best known particle accelerator, faced this issue in 1989. Determined to share data rapidly, they developed a solution: The internet.

When the need is pressing, extraordinary innovation occurs. Cloud Gateway is, in my opinion, one of these innovations.  

Cloud has become mainstream for enterprise, governments, and SMEs alike. However, even for the most ‘clouded’ organisations, local devices (e.g., RPA, IoT, sensors), data, and remote-users remain. As we transition toward decentralised storage and compute, existing hub-and-spoke models of appliance-based perimeter defence and security become redundant. 

It is here Cloud Gateway is revolutionary. Our cloud native platform, a centralised policy engine, delivers full security and policy enforcement across an entire enterprise and provides fast, secure, and reliable access to information – no matter where it lives. 

Will we reinvent the internet? Who knows… Our service will, however, revolutionise how businesses interact, ushering in a new, secure, era of collaboration. It is with this belief I leave crystallography and move toward the cloud, substituting hybrid-clouds for pi-clouds to support our clients as they become Agile Network pioneers and transform their network & security.

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