Optional Enhancements

Cloud Gateway is pioneering the true Agile Network and provides businesses with both the mechanism and resource support to adopt, develop and operate cloud, hybrid cloud and multicloud environments.

In addition to the core Cloud Gateway PaaS, we also offer a range of other services that can be procured at any point throughout the life of your contract with us. These were designed to complement and enhance the existing platform so that we can deliver maximum value to you and your business. We proactively engage with current and prospective clients, industry experts and market trends to assist us in the evolution of the platform. These enhancements address and solve issues that had previously been prohibitive to a truly Agile Network. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how they could benefit your business.

  • Remote Access Service (RAS)
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • XNet
  • Virtual Model Office (VMO)
  • Cloud Gateway Edge
  • Consultancy Services
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    Remote Access Service (RAS)

    Scalable remote access solution providing secure connectivity from end-user devices to the Cloud Gateway infrastructure that can utilise existing IDAM services if required.

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    Web Application Firewall (WAF)

    We design, implement and provide a fully managed service that protects internal public facing services from malicious attacks.

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    Separate stack to ensure segregation of business critical traffic and non-business critical traffic, typically management or third party traffic. This can be a lower capacity than the corporate contracted capacity.

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    Virtual Model Office (VMO)

    This provides the functionality of a ‘real office’ replicated environment in a virtual stack for testing.

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    Cloud Gateway Edge

    Our technical team will take on the management of client cloud NVA’s. Licence management not included and the cloud provider relationship and control remains with the client.

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    Consultancy Services

    This includes Cloud Solution Architects, Network Design Consultants, Network Design Engineers, Service Management Consultants, and PSN Consultants.

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