Cloud Gateway PaaS

A hybrid cloud connectivity PaaS which securely and rapidly connects anything on your estate with multiple cloud service providers, the PSN and the internet

All organisations, whether in the public or private sector, need to be more agile, competitive and cost conscious, while still remaining relevant. They need to be able to flex as the globalisation of services continues at pace.  This utilitarian approach to enterprise service consumption, long established in the consumer market, is driving and changing the competitive landscape. Designed to address the ever-increasing gaps forming between a business and the industry, Cloud Gateway provides a platform between traditional networking infrastructure and cloud services. It facilitates secure connectivity in a centralised fashion, enabling the production of reports which help ensure regulation and legislation compliance, specific to your business.

We provide secure connectivity between all your entities on your estate. We not only enable you to rapidly add, change and remove cloud service providers, connectivity providers and third parties, but also enhance your visibility protecting you from cyber threats and compliance failings. Ultimately, we give you the power to act when necessary and provide built-in flexibility to address continuous and future change. Reducing costs by consolidating what you have and preventing unnecessary spend by expediting what you need is important to us.


The Agile Network

Until now, ‘Agile Network’ has been nothing more than a marketing term. Cloud Gateway is the Agile Network.
It is central to your business infrastructure, allowing secure connectivity across any carrier medium from any supplier. The choice of internet, 4G or MPLS using one or many service providers is now back within your control. Speed of change can be near immediate. Cloud Gateway is built entirely on cloud technologies which allows the platform to leverage the best of cloud capabilities in autoscaling, elasticity and automation. Businesses can now select the technologies they require from the vendors they need in a timescale that meets their requirements. As the needs of the business evolve and as new disruptive technologies emerge, there is no longer any reason to be locked-in or delayed by the network and the underlying infrastructure.

Our Products

Simply Connect PRISM Lite PRISM
Licence 10Mbps - 100Mbps 10Mbps - 250Mbps 100Mbps - 10Gbps
Security Encrypted connectivity via SD-VPN Layer 3 and 4 firewalling Full UTM
Multicloud Security
Private Connectivity
Internet Connectivity
Multicloud Connectivity
Log Storage
SIEM Integration
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