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  • Can I connect to Cloud Gateway using any form of connectivity medium?

    Yes. You can connect to your Cloud Gateway instance using MPLS, internet, 4G/5G or any other medium that you feel you require.

  • Is Cloud Gateway multi-tenant or do I have my own managed instance?

    Cloud Gateway is built in a similar way to public cloud installations. Some of the same underlying infrastructure is shared, but each customer has their own managed compartment that is separate to other customers and striped in a resilient fashion to minimise downtime and increase availability.

  • Can I use my own connectivity provider and still use Cloud Gateway?

    Yes. You can choose whichever connectivity provider you want. Or many providers. Or many providers and many connectivity types. This flexibility is left in your hands and doesn't affect how you connect to Cloud Gateway.

  • Can Cloud Gateway also be my connectivity provider?

    Yes. It is important for us to leave the flexibility of choice in the hands of the customer. If you would like us to provide the connectivity across your sites then we would be pleased to.

  • What connectivity can you put in place for me if I ask Cloud Gateway to manage my connectivity?

    We can work with you to install the most prudent connectivity on a site-by-site basis, based on differing requirements. All connectivity is centralised via Cloud Gateway.

  • What is included in your Secure Enforcement Core?

    The Secure Enforcement Core is a component architecture within PRISM that allows for the plug and play capability of best in breed functions to secure the heart of your infrastructure. This includes Layer 4 and Layer 7 Firewall, IDS / IPS , Web and URL Filtering, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Bot, Vulnerability Management and DDoS Protection. This list is not exhaustive.

  • How do you manage your security posture?

    We work closely with Cyber Security partners as well as leveraging relationships with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), to ensure we are always improving and adapting to changes before they have a chance to incapacitate your business.

  • Who owns the security policy?

    We believe that Cloud Gateway should only ever be the custodian of the policy. The ownership of the policy sits with you and your business. You have full control over the access and protection you require and desire.

  • Do you encrypt traffic?

    All traffic from every connected site to Cloud Gateway is encrypted. This is network-based encryption using IPSec VPNs. The traffic is only decrypted as it flows through the Secure Enforcement Core component architecture.

  • Can Cloud Gateway perform SSL Inspection?


  • Can Cloud Gateway act as a Proxy?


  • Can Cloud Gateway act as a Reverse Proxy?


  • Which cloud service providers can you connect me to?

    Cloud Gateway has immediate and future-proofed on-net connectivity capability to thousands of cloud service providers. These include all of the major providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Oracle.

  • How long does it take to get connectivity to a cloud service provider?

    If we have all of the necessary information to make the connection, this usually takes less than 30 minutes. In some instances it can be under 60 seconds.

  • Do I manage my own platform?

    No. Cloud Gateway is a fully managed service. All changes are managed through to technical implementation in line with your business processes.

  • Do I have full visibility of my platform?

    Yes. Each customer has their own instance of the Cloud Gateway Portal. This is a web front end into everything going through your Cloud Gateway instance. It has a intuitive dashboard with different levels of access for users who have different requirements.

  • Cloud Gateway must capture a vast amount of data. Can I make additional use of this?

    Yes. A wealth of data is outputted from the platform. We typically expect to push this data to a customer SIEM or Big Data analytics engine to allow them to get even greater value out of Cloud Gateway.

  • How are Cloud Gateway products priced?

    Cloud Gateway is priced on a bandwidth license model. This allows for an aggregated bandwidth throughput for your platform instance.

  • Do I need to assign smaller bandwidths to my connected end points?

    No. If you were to purchase a 100Mbps license for example, each endpoint would have a 100Mbps licensed capability. This gives you the flexibility to be running workloads between end points as you require, without being penalised.

  • Do I need your equipment on my site?

    No. You can use whatever equipment you have on your own site to connect to us. If you are using MPLS, then we would connect as a spoke onto your MPLS. If you are using internet then we would look to build an IPSec VPN tunnel based on Foundation level crypto profiles adhering to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) guidelines.

  • Bring my own Network? I’d rather have a single ‘throat to choke’. Do you do that?

    Yes. We have a very select set of partners who will also provide all of the site connectivity if you would rather have everything managed under one umbrella. This means that a variety of circuits, speeds and SLAs are available as well as the terminating equipment at a site.

  • Do you also provide LAN services?

    No. This does not prevent a reseller or Service Integrator (SI) I from bringing another partner into their collective mix but this would not be achieved through Cloud Gateway.

  • Is your service built on hardware or in the cloud?

    Cloud Gateway products are almost entirely built on public cloud. The only physical components of the architecture are for the connectivity to and from a prospective customer’s private network, the internet and to the cloud fabric. This allows us to leverage the benefits of cloud such as elasticity, auto-scaling and improved resilience and availability to deliver the correctly sized platform at the moment you need it.

  • Do you use your own software?

    We have built a significant amount of our own software that serves as an overlay fabric on the public cloud. This allows us to build the platform at the touch of a button ‘calling in’ the most appropriate software devices to perform network and security functions.

  • What network and security devices do you use?

    We do not believe there is any mileage in trying to build our own routers and security devices so we use best in breed as we see appropriate when delivering the service. We are capable of pulling in devices from the most recognisable names in industry.

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